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Dirt track racing is an exciting and entertaining motorsport that is great for the whole family. There is almost always dirt track racing going on at raceways and speedways, weather permitting. You can find daring dirt track racers racing sprint cars, midgets, modifieds, late models, stock cars, dwarf cars, and motorcycles. Dirt is for racing, asphalt is for getting there!

Dirt Track Races

  • Action Track USA

    Wed, Aug 15 2018

    Kutztown Fair Night 3 // Action Track USA Championship Event - Wingless 600 Sprint Cars Fair Nationals // 60 Laps, $2,000 to win (w/ Gamblers) - SpeedSTR & Junior Slingshot Fair Nationals

  • Buena Vista Raceway

    Wed, Aug 15 2018


  • Fonda Speedway

    Wed, Aug 15 2018

    The "GRAND DADDY" 602 World Championship by Adirondac Leather + 358 Modifieds

  • I-30 Speedway

    Wed, Aug 15 2018

    Southwest Freedom Tour - Wingless Sprints, IMCA, FS

  • Industry Speedway

    Wed, Aug 15 2018

    Jr Kurtz Memorial Cup

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