Tulsa Expo Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Tulsa Expo Center location

    4145 East 21st
    Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74114
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  • Tulsa Expo Center GPS info

    lat: 36.13456
    lng: -95.930922

  • Tulsa Expo Center phone number


  • Tulsa Expo Center track info

    1/5 mile banked oval

  • Tulsa Expo Center next race countdown

    226 days

  • Tulsa Expo Center upcoming races

    • Wed, Jan 2 - Tulsa Shootout - Practice / Heat Races - Winged A-Class
    • Thu, Jan 3 - Tulsa Shootout
    • Fri, Jan 4 - Tulsa Shootout
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Tulsa Expo Center additional info

The Chili Bowl Midget Nationals started in 1987, initially sponsored by the Chili Bowl food company. This is the only winter time indoor 5 day midget race on a clay track that gets over 250 competitors and is considered the Super Bowl of midget racing.

The Tulsa Shootout in Tulsa, Oklahoma is the largest event for micro sprint racing in the country. It's a five-day event that encompasses 8 different racing classes including Winged and Non-Wing 600cc Outlaw Micros, A-Class 600cc Micros, ASCS ECOtech Midgets, Restricted Micros,1200cc Mini Sprints, and the exciting Jr. Sprint class for the kids from 6-12. You'll see drivers from all over the country attending this event ranging from amateur to professional, ages 6 to 60!

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