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Willie Croft Wins Opening Night Of Speedweek Northwest

2018-07-11 18:49

Coos Bay, Oregon- The 2018 Champion Racing Oil Speedweek Northwest, presented by BC Motorsports and Highline Performance, would kick off for the first time ever on a Tuesday night as well as the first time ever it has begun at Coos Bay Speedway. The Tuesday, July 10th affair would have nineteen cars open up the schedule at the "Clay By The Bay Of The West". The states of Oregon, California, Texas, and Arizona would be represented as well as the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

Roseville, California driver Willie Croft would get out in front for the race lead at the drop of the initial green flag. He would build a sizable distance between him and the rest of the field on the long green flag runs but would be pressured a bit in lapped traffic. After a couple of key decision with the tail end of the pack in congestion he was able to pull away once again.

With a couple of key cautions coming out it allowed Croft to operate in open track. He would go unchallenged the rest of the distance and would win his first career Speedweek Northwest victory. He is also the eighth different winner in as many Speedweek races at Coos Bay Speedway.

D.J. Netto, of Hanford, California, was the runner-up followed by El Paso, Texas chauffeur John Carney II, in third, racing for California car owner Clayton Snow. The top five would be completed by fourth finishing Lucas Ashe, from Cottonwood, California, and Visalia, California driver Steven Tiner, in fifth.

D.J. Netto would set fast time of the night and set a new track record of 12.212 seconds. Heat race wins were collected by Lethbridge, Alberta's Kelly Miller, Steven Tiner, and Penngrove, California teenager Michael Kofoid running for British Columbia car owners Doug and Kathy Rutz. Willie Croft was victorious in the Trophy Dash to earn his front row inside starting position.

The Champion Racing Oil Speedweek Northwest, presented by BC Motorsport and Highline Performance, schedule will see Willamette Speedway as the next venue of action on Wednesday, July 11th. Front Gates open at 3:30 PM with Racing scheduled to get started around 6:00. Tickets are Adults $16.00, Junior/Military/Seniors $14.00, Youth $10.00, Kids 5 & Under FREE, and the Family Pass is $55.00. Tickets can be purchased online at www.pnwdirtracing.com . For more information log on to www.trophymotorsports.com.

For the latest news and information regarding the Western Sprint Tour be sure and visit sprints.nwextremseries.com or follow the Facebook page at "Western Sprint Tour".

Race Results:

Champion Racing Oil Speedweek Northwest presented by BC Motorsports and Highline Performance Race #1

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

Coos Bay Speedway

Coos Bay, Oregon

A Feature: 1. 29-Willie Croft, ; 2. 88N-D.J. Netto, ; 3. 7-John Carney II, ; 4. 33-Lucas Ashe, ; 5. 94-Steven Tiner, ; 6. 31C-Justyn Cox, ; 7. 26-Billy Aton, ; 8. 2JR-Kelly Miller, ; 9. 21W-Jake Wheeler, ; 10. 7N-Zack Lynskey, ; 11. 18T-Tanner Holmes, ; 12. 8R-Michael Kofoid, ; 13. 2K-Kyle Offill, ; 14. 12J-John Clark, ; 15. 70-Raquel Ivie, ; 16. 2-Alex Pettas, ; 17. 7H-Jake Haulot, ; 18. 5-Brian Boswell, ; 19. 34-T.J. Richman,

Dash: 1. 29-Willie Croft, ; 2. 88N-D.J. Netto, ; 3. 7-John Carney II, ; 4. 8R-Michael Kofoid, ; 5. 33-Lucas Ashe, ; 6. 2JR-Kelly Miller,

Heat 1: 1. 2JR-Kelly Miller, ; 2. 88N-D.J. Netto, ; 3. 29-Willie Croft, ; 4. 5-Brian Boswell, ; 5. 70-Raquel Ivie, ; 6. 18T-Tanner Holmes, ; 7. 34-T.J. Richman,

Heat 2: 1. 94-Steven Tiner, ; 2. 2K-Kyle Offill, ; 3. 7-John Carney II, ; 4. 31C-Justyn Cox, ; 5. 7H-Jake Haulot, ; 6. 7N-Zack Lynskey,

Heat 3: 1. 8R-Michael Kofoid, ; 2. 33-Lucas Ashe, ; 3. 12J-John Clark, ; 4. 26-Billy Aton, ; 5. 21W-Jake Wheeler, ; 6. 2-Alex Pettas,

Qualifying: 1. 88N-D.J. Netto, ; 2. 7H-Jake Haulot, ; 3. 33-Lucas Ashe, ; 4. 29-Willie Croft, ; 5. 7-John Carney II, ; 6. 26-Billy Aton, ; 7. 2JR-Kelly Miller, ; 8. 31C-Justyn Cox, ; 9. 8R-Michael Kofoid, ; 10. 18T-Tanner Holmes, ; 11. 94-Steven Tiner, ; 12. 2-Alex Pettas, ; 13. 70-Raquel Ivie, ; 14. 7N-Zack Lynskey, ; 15. 12J-John Clark, ; 16. 5-Brian Boswell, ; 17. 2K-Kyle Offill, ; 18. 21W-Jake Wheeler, ; 19. 34-T.J. Richman

Current Champion Racing Oil Speedweek Northwest presented by BC Motorsports and Highline Performance Point Standings (Top Ten)

1. 29-Willie Croft 95; T 88N-D.J. Netto 95; 3. 7-John Carney II 87; T 33-Lucas Ashe 87; 5. 94-Steven Tiner 80; 6. 2JR-Kelly Miller 74; T 31C-Justyn Cox 74; T 26-Billy Aton 74; 9. 21W-Jake Wheeler 66; T 8R-Michael Kofoid 66

2018 Champion Racing Oil Speedweek Northwest presented by BC Motorsports and Highline Performance Schedule
Monday, July 9th-Siskiyou Motor Speedway-Yreka, California-CANCELLED
Tuesday, July 10th-Coos Bay Speedway-Coos Bay, Oregon-Willie Croft
Wednesday, July 11th-Willamette Speedway-Lebanon, Oregon
Thursday, July 12th-Sunset Speedway Park-Banks, Oregon
Friday, July 13th-Cottage Grove Speedway-Cottage Grove, Oregon
Saturday, July 14th-Cottage Grove Speedway-Cottage Grove, Oregon