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  • Shifting Gears Movie - In Theaters and Streaming Online

    It's WE BOUGHT A ZOO meets DAYS OF THUNDER on dirt!

    Plot Outline
    TOM WILLIAMSON is a hard working manager at Q-Mark (A Wal-Mart type super store). He started out at Q-Mark in the stock room after high school and is now poised to receive a promotion to Southeastern Regional manager – Or so he thinks. Instead, he gets a huge surprise. Faced with few options – Tom and his wife CAROL decide to start a “family business” and leave the grind of the city. They pack up their pensive teenager JEREMY and free-spirited ten-year-old STEPHY and move to Bainesville, NC where they take over a run down garage bequeathed to them by Tom’s estranged father CLEM. Clem was a brawler and small town dirt track racer. Clem won the garage from local rich boy, and town namesake, CONRAD BAINES in a race years before. Tom sinks his whole severance into the garage to get it up and running only to get hit with another surprise – His father strikes again from the grave - the title to the property is not clear and the garage is set to be sold at public auction. CONRAD BAINES has his eyes set on the property in the name of “economic development” – He wants to knock the garage down and build a Q-Mark. In a last ditch effort – Tom joins forces with Clem’s former teammate, “Dirty Harry” Hawkins, and enters the Dirt Track Grand National in order to win the money needed to save the garage and his family from ruin.

    M.C Gainey
    R. Keith Harris
    Brooke Langton
    Adam Hicks
    Cole Bernstein
    Robert Crayton
    C. Thomas Howell
    with M. Emmet Walsh
    and John Ratzenberger

    Written by Dirt Fan profile picture Dirt Fan

    2018-03-24 07:49:02

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