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  • The Best Tracks and Races to see

    Hey! My boyfriend adores dirt races, paticularly sprint cars. I want to take him on a week trip to see some of the best races. Where do you think I should take him? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    2017-07-17 07:08:50

  • Hello,

    This is a great question. For winged sprint cars I have heard there is nothing better than the Knoxville Nationals ( The World of Outlaws sprint cars are always touring, might want to look over what is left of their 2017 schedule -

    For USAC non-wing sprint cars, their schedule ( has a few multi-day events still happening in 2017.

    Another idea, if you have a destination in mind is to go to Put in your location plus distance limit and you will get a list of the dirt tracks near you and a 45 day schedule of upcoming races.

    I wish you great luck on finding a vacation full of great dirt track racing and good times!

    Written by Dirt Fan profile picture Dirt Fan

    2017-07-17 08:10:37

  • If you like dirt Track, the smoothest track in the South is at ECM in Arkadelphia Alabama.
    Come be with us 7/22. We race on Saturday's with a few specials here and there. Would love to have you come visit us

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    2017-07-17 18:40:34

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